The Standing Ovation

A few times a week I have to walk from my office on 40th Street to our other office on 45th Street. Rather than try to battle the Time Square tourists, I cut through some of the buildings to avoid them. There is one pass through between 42nd and 43rd Street, called Anita’s Way, that is particularly fun to walk through.

Currently, there is an interactive art exhibit running at Anita’s Way by Adam Frank called Performer. When I first stumbled upon the exhibit, I didn’t realize or understand what was going on, but as I passed through the walk way more often I realized what was happening around me. Walking through this area has now become one of my favorite parts of my day.

So what is this exhibit all about that it has become on of my favorite parts of my day?

The exhibit has a single spotlight that shines in the middle of the alley. I didn’t actually realize this at first because it doesn’t stand out very well in the daylight. When you pass by in the earlier evening it can be seen better. When you walk pass this spot light, a thunderous applause begins, and it is all for you!

Who wouldn’t want to be applauded?

At first I thought the applause were coming from the theater next to the walk way where Anything Goes is currently running on Broadway. Some times the applause would catch me off guard which would make me feel scared, now I find my self embarrassed about how addicted I have become to passing the spot light and getting the high from the adoration. I like to think I am being applauded for just being me.

What do you think about my new applause addiction?


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