My Amore for Lindor

Lindor Kugeln
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I have mentioned before that I am signed up to be a Bzz Agent. Bzz Agents are given products to test out and then report back on them. This week I was given the best campaign ever… Lindor Truffles!

If you have not had a Lindor Truffle, run, do not walk, to your nearest store and get yourself a bag of these heavenly treats. The Lindor truffle has a smooth chocolate shell which surrounds a smooth, silky chocolate center. The good people at Lindt and Bzz Agent were generous enough to give me a 5.1 oz bag of Milk Chocolate Truffles as well as a dozen sample bags to pass out to friends.

Everyone I shared my truffles was super excited to receive such a decadent treat. The only complaint from those I shared with, they were hoping I had some of the dark chocolate variety as well! Even though Lindor truffles are easy to obtain being available in most retailers, they are regarded with more prestige than that of other chocolates. Lindor Truffles are a true indulgence, at a reasonable price point.

I like mine refridgerated. The cold makes the centers firm, which makes them last longer.



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