Go Speed Dater!

Twelve Hours in New York City!
Speed Dating @ Madame X in NYC

Friday night LH and I embarked on a new adventure… Speed Dating.

If you don’t know, speed dating is, here is how it works.  A group of singles made up of an equal number of men and women meet at a specified location (usually a bar or lounge). You sit at a numbered table with your first partner. The host rings a bell, and your first “date” begins. After a few minutes the bell rings again, and you rotate on to a new partner. Each of you discreetly marks on a form whether you want to see the person you just met again. If you both picked “yes,” you are matched and information is exchanged via the speed dating company.

LH and I decided to try it. We figured it couldn’t hurt to try it. It was an interesting experience. I met a lot of different types of men. One was a Personal Trainer who had just returned from playing basketball over seas. One was a bio-technology software programmer. One was an ER doctor in NYC. Two were DNA biologist who worked for the Medical Examiners. Office One was a lawyer from Austria that had only been in New York for 5 days and was already jumping in to the speed dating rounds.

Some conversations where fun, and felt like they lasted less than the alloted 4 minutes. Some were painfully boring and felt a lot longer than 4 minutes. I wasn’t instantaneously attracted to anyone, but I had some good conversations with a few guys. I would definitely like to hang out with again, just cause they seemed like fun people. I checked them off on my “matches” form, Saturday morning. I haven’t heard anything back yet so I may not have any matches from this round of speed dating.

Over all it was a good time, and I would probably do it again.

Have you ever tried speed dating? What has been your most successful way to meet dates? 


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