Typo Uh-ohs

Typo (software)
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I know I often make typos when I am writing up these blog postings. I often write them late at night, after a long day of work, when I have lots of ideas that my fingers don’t want to type up as quick as I think them.

Sometimes, when I find them, I log back in and edit them. However, I noticed a glaring one in yesterday’s post topic. Rather than typing “Where In The World” I typed “Where is The World” but I decided not to change it. It was a glaring typo, but how many of you noticed? We often read so fast that we don’t catch little flaws like the one I made yesterday.

I would just like to say thank you today, for all of you who come and read my blog and don’t judge my typos, poor grammar, and ideas that get lost along the way and go on a rambling tangent.

I have a lot going on this weekend, so there should be some interesting posts for all of you next week. Stay Tuned!


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