Where is the World Should We Go?

I had dinner with LH & The Secret Agent last night. They both have some up coming travel plans… LH is headed to Florida in a few weeks, and it planning a trip to Dubai between Christmas and New Year. The Secret Agent is heading to Italy in December for work, but may tack on a few days to check out more of the boot-shaped country.

Secret Agent & I in Belem, Portugal - 2008

I wish I could go with them but, I just came back from a vacation, and with a new job it is hard to even go on a long weekend jaunt. So we have resolved to go on vacation together next year. Secret Agent and I have been to Riviera Maya, Lisbon, and Madrid together. LH and I have done more local and long weekend trips together. Both are great to travel with but where do we go?

LH & I in Atlantic City - 2011

I suggested Greece, Morocco, or an African Safari. The Secret Agent suggested Australia, even though she is not loving the idea of the ridiculously long flight. So I am taking suggestions from the Souzapalooza Blog readers…

Where do you think we should go? 

  • Portugal (footprintsandphotos.wordpress.com)

3 thoughts on “Where is the World Should We Go?”

  1. After the little adventure I had yesterday I was thinking about all the amazing places I’ve been. I’d recommend a Mediterranean cruise like the one I took in 2009. Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Turkey, Egypt, Malta… all in one 2 week trip. When I thought about all the cool places I’ve been, most of them were from that one vacation.

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