Racing Towards the Holidays

Looking west along seasonal shopping mall insi...
Holiday Shops at Bryant Park - Image via Wikipedia

Bryant Park is a small park in New York City behind the New York Public Library. It lies between 42nd and 40th Streets and 5th & 6th Avenues. It is a nice place to sit and enjoy some greenery and fresh air in the midtown area. In the summer, they show movies and have live entertainment and in the winter, they cover over the grassy area and put up a skating rink and some holiday shops.

Well, I guess it must be winter because this week they are installing the ice skating rink and holiday shops.

How is this possible?

I haven’t worn my Halloween costume yet. I haven’t had my turkey dinner or chocolate pudding pie yet (I don’t like pumpkin pie, but my Aunt Sweetie make the best chocolate pudding pie ever). Why does the city of New York feel it is ok to rush my holiday season? I understand the need to boost the economy and stimulate sales, but does it have to start so soon.

Part of me wants to think that the early holiday cheer will help us think all those wonderful thoughts that we get around the holidays. The ones where we open our hearts more, we reach out to friends and family to remind them of their importance in our lives, and we give more generously to those less fortunate. That is the true spirit of the season. However, I feel that we get more bogged down in shopping, the pressure of gift giving and the more material side of the holiday season instead.

I’m going to try to take these holiday changes is stride, and not get sucked in to the dark side of the holidays. Instead I am going to try to let some of the happy holiday thoughts resonate. I’m going to focus on being more thoughtful, thankful and loving, something I should do year round.

What do you think about the push to rush the holiday season? 


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