Just Keep Breathing

How is it that I went to having all the time in the world to barely having time to breath?

My new job has been keeping me at the office quite late. I am still trying to learn all the systems, point people, and general responsibilities. I know it is new and I should give myself some time to get accustom to things, but it can be fustrating. I want to hit the ground running but I feel like I have hit the ground but keep getting stalled.

This stalled feeling is starting to spread through other aspects of my life. I feel like I can’t make plans after work because I don’t know when I am going to leave the office. I feel like my weekends are spent catching up on the things I didn’t get to finish during the week. Not to mention I have school work on my plate these days as well.

I know in time things will even out and I will regain a balance, but until then, I’ll try to remember to breathe in between the chaos. Just Breathe.


2 thoughts on “Just Keep Breathing”

  1. It’s always difficult to start a new job…there’s so much to learn, but you’ll get it all straightened out and then you’ll manage to find that balance in your life…well, unless you’re like me and find a lot of your days being unbalanced!! Or is it that I’m unbalanced? Hmm…

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