And the Memories Live On…

Back before my grandma had gotten sick, my mom had started to motivate her to go through her collection of jewelry. My grandma had bags and bags and bags of jewelry. Earings, bracelets, necklaces, charms, beads, rings, pendants, tie tacks, cuff links, medallions and more. Some of it was good stuff, some of it was costume, most of it was tied up in knots in plastic ziplock bags. Grandma was a bit of a horder so when we though we had gone through it all, some where another bag would pop up.

Each time we’d go though a bag, there would always be a few bits and bobbles that would be broken, or in need of major repairs. Beads that needed stringing, or findings that needed new jump rings. We just kept those pieces to the side in their own bag. When the bags seemed to be all sorted out, my mom gave me the bag of broken pieces. She told me to send them to my friend in the San Francisco area who makes jewelry as a hobby. She figured they would be useful for him to make some things with or even use as practice.

The bag of bits sat on my dresser for weeks. After my grandma passed, they sat there for another month starting at me, awaiting their fate. When I finally motivated myself, the bag found its way in to the mail, destin for a new home in SF.

Last night I received a package in the mail. Inside, was an original piece of jewelry made from some of the bits and pieces of my grandma’s jewelry horde. It is beautiful, elegant and brought tears to my eyes when I saw it. I’m so thankful that these pieces have found a way to live on along with my memories of my grandma and her piles of plastic bags.

My New Necklace

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