Wash Away The Day

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On my train ride home last night I was reading the October 2011 issue of Whole Living magazine and came across a piece in the “In Balance – Uncommon Wisdom from Extraordinary Minds” section called “Daily Practice Water Works” by Betsy Rapoport. In it, Ms. Rapoport describes how she uses the shower as a reflective time to stimulate her creative flow, problem solving, planning, setting intentions and a mean of grounding herself. I instantly related to her piece. I have often come up with my best ideas after shower. I have felt the shower as a place to relax, reflect, to release the stress of the day, or to start fresh and new.

In its basic form, the shower is an enclosed space, where you are completely naked, and water beats down on your exposed skin. The art of showering of course is slightly more involved and includes many more variables. You have to make sure that you wash all your 2000 parts (like the commercial use to say). These days, there are so many more items that can enhance your shower experience such as soaps, oils, shampoos, conditioners, wash clothes, loofahs, razors, pumice stones and shower heads with multiple settings. There is an entire industry dedicated to creating bath products that are supposed to stimulate out showering experience. Back in the day, you’d just go down the river and rinse off!

In a state of vulnerablility – alone and naked – you would think that most people would be more uncomfortable or on edge. However, most people find this to be the easiest time to reflex and renew. If only we could feel that energized and revitalized all day.

Do you use your shower time to reflect, review and renew? 


One thought on “Wash Away The Day”

  1. I feel the same way about a long soak in a hot tub, bubbles or not…just kind of allows me to relax and wash away the troubles and stress of my day…sounds like something I need to go do right now!

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