Do you have it memorized yet?

One of my bizarre talents is my uncanny ability to recite movie lines verbatim. I don’t know why or how I cultivated this random talent. It does make it easy for me to figure out the quote of the day on the That’s What She Said wordpress blog (Yesterday’s was from The Breakfast Club, one of my very favorite films!). I have great audio recollection. Go figure.

Most people would have to watch the film many times to recall the dialogue I can remember in one or two views. Since I have solicited everyone repeatedly and I have 300+ views, I’m sure you have memorized all the scenes from my Samsonite video.There is only one week left in the contest and there are only 10 views separating me and the second place contender. So once again, I am asking for your help. And you can do ALL these things from right here on wordpress…

1) Watch the video on each and every one of your networked devices – laptops, computers, smart phones, iPads, tablets, ect. Watch from your work computer, your home computer, your significant other’s computer, your neighbors computer, the computer at your local library, watch it where ever you can! Watch it here:

2) Send it to friends, family, people you like, people you don’t like, people on your Xmas card list, the parents on your kid’s little league team, members of your book club, your local community watch members, and everyone else who doesn’t fall in to one of those groups. Email it using the mail button at the bottom of this post. Send it direct to your friends or to yourself to send from your own email provider.

3) Post it to you social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, MySpace, Friendster, Pintrest, Digg It, add it to your away message on aim or y!m. Ask your followers/friends to spread the word on their networks as well. Remember, if you tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on my video will be seen by a heck of a lot of people! You can share it using the buttons at the bottom of this post under the “Share Souzapalooza” (you can do this for all the Souzapalooza posts you think people in your networks should read!)

4) Blog about it! I love sharing the wealth about things I find on the internet (check out some of my past “Souzapalooza’s Link Love” posts) If you have a blog and are feeling generous, please spread the word to your readers! I’m happy to repay the favor. WordPress bloggers, feel free to “press this” to limit the reposting work!

There are 7 days left, if you remember to watch it once a day that is 7 more views to help me out! Thank you again for all your support over the past three weeks, now that we are coming in to the home stretch every little bit helps so please keep viewing and pass the word around the interweb!

View the video direct on youtube by clicking HERE (and you can share straight from youtube as well if it is easier)


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