Have Smart Phones Made Everyone Stupid?

Now that I’m back in to the groove of commuting with the Croc Lady (remember her? if you need a refresher, read Commuting with the Croc Lady), there is something that has become glaringly obvious to me as I naviagate the masses pasing me in the opposite direction….EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT THEIR PHONE!

They aren’t walking and talking either. They are looking down at their phones, reading emails, texting, doing everything but looking up and noticing they are about to walk right in to ME! What is wrong with people? Don’t get me wrong, if I’m running late, I might whip out my phone and send a text saying “Be there in 5”. However, when I do that, I will be at a street corner when waiting for a light, or I’ll step to the side out of the way of people trying to get to their destinations. I don’t barge full speed ahead not looking where I am going.

What is the matter with these people? Who is going to be at fault when they are on their phone and step out in front of a bus? Can you sue Apple for that? They say there is an app for everything, is there an app that shuts off your smart phone capabilites when walking?

What do you think? Are smart phones making people dumb?

Photo Credit – “Two Lovers Seek Info On Their Phones” by Ricky.Montaivo via Flickr


4 thoughts on “Have Smart Phones Made Everyone Stupid?”

  1. Funny but true!! I think we’ve lost all comprehension of what qualifies as rudeness anymore…I’ll be helping someone at work, their phone rings (ever heard of voicemail? apparently not), they whip it out and, instead of saying “I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” they have a long drawn out conversation (usually about something I don’t want to listen to) while I’m just standing there twiddling my thumbs…can you say “rude”? Because, goodness knows, I don’ have anything better to do than hang out listening to someone’s private conversation…

  2. I’ve observed what you describe and it is a sad testament of our oversubscribed world… If there is an app for that, I’d like to see one that says, “You’ve been on for 36 straight hours… your brain is fried and needs a break… go take a walk or read a book… I’m shutting you down for 5 hours. 2 Emergency phone calls allowed but nothing else…” LOL!

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