Timing is Everything

I am a big believer in everything happening for a reason. There are reasons for the good things, and also the challenging things in life. We may not always know what those reasons are at the time, or even after time has passed, but there is a reason. Maybe it is so we learn something. Maybe it is so someone else can learn from us. Maybe it is a reward for hard work, over coming an obstical or so we appreciate things a little bit more.

Something that goes along with everything happening for a reason, is timing. Timing is everything. People can come in to your life at certain times for certain reason. I’ve written about this before in regards to friendships in “I’m No Einstein“. Hopefully, if the timing is right, your relationship can be beneficial, learning from each other and becoming better people from knowing each other.

Timing can effect our destiny as well. Say you are running late and miss your train to an important meeting at work. You may have negative repercussions for missing the meeting, but what if by taking the later train, you meet someone who can connect you to a new, better, job? If you weren’t late, things may have gone differently. The movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow shows what happens in this exact scenario. The movie follows parallel story lines about what happens to Gwyneth if she does or doesn’t catch the tube (the story is set in London, hence “the tube” as opposed to the train).

I was thinking about the idea of timing a lot this weekend due to the fact that, I ran in to my handsome farmer. He explained why he hadn’t called and it’s a really good reason (out of respect I am not going to go in to detail). It had nothing to do with me, it’s just bad timing. Now part of me is bummed over this, but part of me understands that there is a reason for this bad timing. Everything happens for a reason after all, so there must be a reason that bad timing is keeping us from being better friends.

I happened to catch another movie this weekend that brilliantly outlines the concept of timing, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. While Benjamin gets younger, the love of his life Daisy, gets older. Although their constantly shifting ages present a challenge, the thing that really stuck out with me is a wonderful scene that Benjamin narrates.  It truly drives home the idea of timing being everything. Take a look:

So, next time you are rushing, running late, or forget something,

pause for a moment,

take a deep breath,

and be open to what the universe is slowing you down for.

Photo Credits: Gold Watch – Montre Gousset via Wikipedia, Silver Watch – Horst Günther Burkhardt III via Wikipedia


9 thoughts on “Timing is Everything”

  1. Your thoughts about timing and destiny are very interesting…I’m more a believer in, I guess, random chaos…that things just happen, not necessarily for any particular reason…but it’s how we react and adapt that determines how our lives develop..Here’s hoping you and your farmer can somehow manage to work things out…he sounds like a great guy!

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I agree, people dwell on the closed door (I’m totally guilty of it at times). I’m going to try to remember and keep my eyes, mind and heart open for those ten open doors!

  2. I agree that timing is everything. Sometimes it works in our favor and at other times, someone else benefits… When that happens to me, I often say thank you Lord for sparing me … You never know. 🙂
    I’m finally catching up on everyone’s blog. Thank you for your patience! 🙂

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