Souzapalooza’s Link Love for September 9th

We Interrupt This Program For a Message From the Universe – from Advanced Riskology – A great post about how to figure out if the universe is giving you ‘bad advice’ or if it is just your internal fear.

Attack of these Killer Tomatoes – from Have You Ever Picked A Carrot – I am not a tomato fan but far be it for me to deny anyone else important info about this fruit. Jason gives a great break down about the different types of tomatoes

It All Comes Down to You (Some Stories About Adversity) – from Cordelia Calls It Quits – A wonderful list of people who over came adversity to succeed (a total motivator!)

The Incredible Benefits Of Saying No – from Unlock the Door – This is something that I personally need to work on, so I am sharing the wealth incase you are like me . Please note that  this was a guest post from Naveen Kulkarni of PlanetNaveen on Unlock the Door. 

Cha-Cha-Cha-Cherry – from Follow My Fitsteps – I am posting this so you can also try Natalie’s tasty Chai Cherry Chiller!

It Takes 5 for Abundant Relationships – from morningcoach – I don’t have kids or a significant other, but I found this very interesting and can be applied to all relationships

Do You Know Why You Drive Yourself So Hard? – from Self Love Blog by Christine Arylo – Some times I think she has a secret camera inside my head…

Freebie: Printable You Are Beautiful Lolli-Flowers! – from Kind Over Matter – These are just fun! Who wouldn’t want to get one of these?

Everyone is Doing the Best They Can – from Metta Drum – A reminder why you should treat everyone with kindness and compassion


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