Zipping Between the Trees at Catamount Adventure Park – Bucket List Item #14 COMPLETED!

Souzapalooza Walking the Tightrope

For Ka-Ka’s B-day, we went to Catamount Aerial Adventure Park in the Berkshire Mountains to attempt their aerial forest adventure. The adventure park is nestled in a 5 acres of woods and is made up of 11 courses of varying degrees of difficulty. Per the website, it has 150 platforms each connected by some sort of combination of wood, wire, rope and ziplines.

The crew of daredevils included Ka-Ka, KaKa’s boyfriend The Handy Man, My Stepdad, My Other Sister, and My Favorite Brother-in-Law. My Mom also came but she didn’t do the course, she stayed back and watched The Judge, my 8 month old niece. After driving two hours in the car, and a slight delay due to storm front, we were harnessed in, given our training, and headed up the side of the mountain for an adventure. We did three courses during our time at the park, a beginners yellow level, a green level, and the “Grand Rapids” Blue level which takes you on 8 different ziplines crisscrossing the mountain.

I was the first person in our group to cross each obstacle. Some of them were easy, some of them were challenging, and some were just plain scary. I know I turned white when faced with the “tightrope crossing”. Even though you are secured from you harness with two carbiners and can only fall about 18 inches from where you are clipped, it is still nerve-racking. It is a physical and mental challenge. I honestly can say, even though there is a weight limit of 265lbs (which I am nowhere near), I really don’t think I would have been physically fit enough to do something like this last year. I know I have a ways to go with my fitness goals but I was really proud of myself for attempting and completing each of the courses I started. I didn’t take any short cuts and didn’t punk out halfway through the course.

Since you can’t really have any cameras or phones unless you have pockets (which Ka-Ka, My Other Sister and I didn’t), there aren’t too many photos of this crazy obstacle course. However, the Handy Man did take this lovely video of me standing on flying swing…. and then hitting a tree (don’t worry, I didn’t get hurt!)

I highly recommend checking this adventure park out. It is a great opportunity for you to really test your abilities (and to check zip lining off your bucket list!) For more information about the park, visit their website by clicking here. You can also see a more in-depth video about the park below. (To see the stunt that scared Souzapalooza the most, the tightrope can be seen at the 29 second mark….it doesn’t look that scary, till you are on it!)

Photo Credits – My Other Sister

Video Credits – Souzapalooza on the Swing by The Handy Man, Catamount Video from their site


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