Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

A lot of good things have been happening this week:

1) We survived Hurricane Irene unscathed

2) My Samsonite video was chosen as a finalist! (Make sure you watch, and watch often please! Click Here)

and 3) I received a NEW JOB! Super exciting and I start on the 12th (the same day classes start for the Health Coach Program…things are going to get busy!)

There are lots of good things happening around me, but the biggest thing to celebrate this weekend is Ka-Ka’s 24th Birthday on Saturday!

Here is a picture of us back then:

Ka-Ka & I circa 1988

and now all grown up (well according to our driver’s licenses but we aren’t really grown ups)

Ka-Ka & I This Year – She is my biggest supporter… walking in the rain while I ran my first 5K earlier this year

Happy Birthday Ka-Ka! I know 23 was a rough one, but 24 is going to be great! 

I love you! 

Special Souzapalooza shout out to Jobin’s mom, The Compulsive Cleaner, who shares the same b-day as Ka-Ka. She always remembers when Ka-Ka was small enough to fit in a 5 gallon bucket at our community pool! May no one make a mess of your kitchen today!

She Still Fits!

9 thoughts on “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”

  1. Congratulations, Christine!! What a week . . . are you going to tell us more about the job? Good luck and I hope it brings you both personal and professional success and joy. The video is terrific and I hope you win. Have a fantastic holiday weekend.

    1. Oh Grace, you may be the sweetest person in the world! Thank you so much! I will email you the details and thanks for watching the video. Keep watching! I have a whole month to get those views up!

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