Souzapalooza’s Link Love for August 26th

Watch Your Words: 8 Ways to Choose Your Words More Carefully – from Lifeoptimizer  – A reminder as to how powerful words are and this list will make you think about how you use them.

The Process to Purify Your Life, Mind, and Soul – from The Body Knows Best – As we enter a new season (summer ending, school beginning, weather changing) it might be a good time to consider detoxing your body, mind, and enviorment.

Go From Ouch to Ahh: Down Dog from Fitsugar – I do not find Downward Dog a “restful” position. If you are like me, Fitsugar gives some tips that will help make it a little better.

Meet the sexy, shirtless cast of Magic Mike from Fitsugar – I found you some eye candy – YOU’RE WELCOME!!

Right where I am – from The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl – A great quote to remind us to be a bit more present in our journeys and that any moment is a chance to start again.

A Clean Sweep – from Follow my Fitsteps – I am hoping if I post this link here, and you all go check it out, Natalie might eventually share the recipe for the delicious looking super food cookies!

The A to Z of Blog Post Idea Generation – from Daily Blog Tips – Some stimulating ideas for my fellow bloggers 🙂

Really, who are we again? – from Hajra Kvetches – A great post that reminds us not to live by how other see us, but how we see ourselves.

7 Powerful Tips To Becoming a Better Listener from Dumb Little Man – I think everyone can work on their listening skills, self included!

in the kingdom of love there is no competition – from kind over matter – Good quote to remind us to love more.

Inspirational Thoughts: Your Life Is As Good As Your Relationships – from Self Improvement Saga – Always remember to acknowledge a good friend and remind them that they are important to you!

Attitude Adjustment: What Are Your Measurements? – from Words to Sweat By – A great article for those of us on fitness journeys – remember, the numbers on the scale are not the end all be all!

Making an Origami Crane is Freakin’ Hard – from The Bucket List Journey – Not all bucket list items are easy to cross off! My hat is off to Annette for even trying this!

12 Ways To Make Talking To Strangers Less Awkward – from Mark and Angel Hack Life – A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet (or so they say).

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