Going to the Dentist

Today, I am off to the dentist for a cleaning.

I try to make sure I get to my dentist for my checkups regularly because both my parents have dental issues and I don’t want to have their kind of troubles when I get older. I have a very nice dentist, and for the most part my cleanings are just cleanings without additional dental work needed. However, I hate going. I hate the noises; the scraping and the high-pitched noise from the polishing machine make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. In addition, I have very small mouth (although you wouldn’t think that if you’ve ever seen me yelling at a sporting event), so to keep my mouth open for an extended period of time with someone’s hands poking and prodding is incredibly uncomfortable and usually leaves my face sore. It is super painful for me to get X-Rays too, because the X-Ray film is too big and ends up cutting in to the inside of my mouth. These are the sacrifices I make for my beautiful smile.

Anyway, while I am taking one for “Team Teeth”, you can watch one of my favorite clips from Sesame Street… “Me and My Llama”:

By the way, most children in New York do not have pet llamas, nor would they take said llama to a dental vet in the bottom of a brownstone building with out a parent or guardian accompanying them.


6 thoughts on “Going to the Dentist”

    1. It was a pretty good visit. Not too much tartar scraping. They told me the electric tooth brush helps a lot and to make sure to do the back of your bottom front teeth where your tongue sits cause saliva settles there and can add to build up.

  1. I dread dental visits too, but I go because the thought of being a toothless wonder in my latter years scares the heck out of me. Good cleaning to you! 🙂

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