Letting Go Of Clutter

I need to get my apartment in order. It is getting a little out of control. I have never been a good house keeper, I think it runs in my family. My mom was never the most organized, and I am not going to even discuss the mess that my grandmother left behind. Being home most of the time now, I really have no excuse. I need to deal with this mess!

One of the problems is that I live in a small space with a lot of stuff. I think it might be time to do a summer sweep. I’m going to focus on decluttering my apartment, getting rid of the stuff I really don’t need (Like why do I have 4 lap tops bags when I never really take my laptop out of the house?) Cuff Turtle needs to have her filter changed and her tank cleaned as well.

I’m going to start with the living room and work my way through the rooms of the house, getting rid of anything I don’t need, want, or isn’t working for me any more. I am hoping by letting go of some of my old junk, I can make space for good things to come in to my life… more happiness, success, love…. all the stuff that is more valuable and takes up less physical space!

Have you thought about what you can let go of? 


6 thoughts on “Letting Go Of Clutter”

  1. I always feel so much better, lighter, when I get rid of clutter. Unfortunately, it builds up again if I’m not vigilant about it…very quickly, I mght add. So are you planning to donate the things you’ve decided to release?

  2. This is a period of shifting perspectives and change for many of us… de-cluttering our lives is important and like you, I am in the throes of doing same. We let go of the old and let in the new… so true. 🙂

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