The Family Whistle

My family has a whistle, a tiny little tune that is used if we are lost some where. My mom uses it often when we are out some where and get separated.

Last night, Ka-Ka and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond with my mom. I know, you are saying to yourself, does Souzapalooza ever shop anywhere else? I do, I swear. Anyway, Ka-Ka and I got separated from mom, and as I was browsing through nail files, I heard the whistle.

Sometimes the whistle drives me insane. It makes me feel like a dog being called for supper. Other times it is very helpful for locating my relatives.

I’ve seen other’s use their family whistle. It was even featured in the film, Almost Famous. The mom, played by Frances McDermott, tells her son that if he can’t find her after his Black Sabbath concert, to “use the family whistle.”

Does anyone else have this family quirk? 


8 thoughts on “The Family Whistle”

  1. haha…I wonder what the other shoppers think? the whistle I might not mind, it’s the “Marco”…”Polo” thing that I hate…I mean really hate, with a passion…

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