Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em

Picture of hole cards in a game of texas hold 'em
Every time I see cards, I'm going to think... WWBD? (What Would Blake Do?) Image via Wikipedia

Last night my friend the Wise-Gal and I cashed in on one of our “groupon” type deals and showed up for class at School of Cards. Blake Eastman, founder and instructor, gave us a great evening reviewing all the basic knowledge needed to succeed at No Limit Hold ‘Em Poker. Blake is a poker player first and foremost, however he is also an entrepeneur and teaches psychology at CUNY. (Insider tip: Blake has been studying body language and will be offering body language course in addition to the card classes he already runs – Keep an eye out for upcoming promotions on groupon).

There were 10 of us at class – Wise-Gal, Me, a set of 3 twenty-something girlfriends, one young woman on her own, a father-son pair, and a retired husband-wife pair; quite the diverse group of card players. Blake talks fast but, I felt like a learned A LOT. He explained what terms like “fold”, “raise”, “call”, “check”, and “blind” all mean, how and when to fold and raise, and of course, most importantly, when to fold. He also told us we could come back again for free if we still didn’t understand what was going on!

If you want to learn to play poker, definately check out School of Cards. (I’m sure the Blackjack course is also good, but I can’t vouch for it since I’ve only taken the poker class). Take a look at their class schedule here. You can also check out their youtube site where Blake has a few tutorials with more to come soon.

So who is up for a trip to the casino? 


4 thoughts on “Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em”

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun…I know next to nothing about poker…I would definitely need a class. So now are you going to get in on some high stakes poker action?

  2. Who knew… you are a budding poker player. Hope you had fun learning…
    Checking back in to catch up after a lull on the comments front but hectic on the home front. 🙂

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