Exciting Updates in the World of Souzapalooza

As many of my dedicated readers know, I lost my job in the beginning of July. I have been keeping busy but I also took some time for myself to figure out what direction I should be going in. (I worked in a highly analytical position within a social network, prior to that I did planning and analysis in the fashion industry.) After some soul-searching and self-reflection, I decided that I want to move away from what I have been doing for the past 10 years and try some new avenues. Honestly, I wasn’t happy, and hadn’t been happy for some time in that position.

I thought about the things I really liked about my job, and most of it was the interaction I had with my sales teams and other departments, rather than the numbers part of the job. I realized in some of the work I do helping at the bakery that I love talking to people, talking to them about products, about organics, gluten issues, and of course taste. Often times in theses conversations, weight and calories always pop up and I love to share that I’ve been able to maintain my 35 lb weight loss surrounded by delicious baked goods every weekend. (Not to toot my own horn but : TOOT TOOT!!)

Anyway, during the my “Souzapalooza Soul-Search”, I came across information on the Institute for Integrated Nutrition. The Institute for Integrated Nutrition, or IIN, is the largest nutrition school in the world and a cutting edge leader in holistic nutrition education. They offer a Health Coach training program where students can learn to help people with their issues related to health, nutrition, and lifestyle. I can not tell you how many conversations I have had with friends, family, and even strangers, related to these topics in my life time. Not to mention, the general council I provide to those around me (I tend to be the go to person for a lot of my friends when they need a sounding board). As a result, I have enrolled in the Health Coach program with the IIN which begins in September. It is an online course so I will be able to conduct it in conjunction with a full-time job (which I am actively pursuing as well – health insurance is important!). Hopefully when I complete the course next fall, I will be able to find a position that utilizes the skills acquired in the Health Coach program.

I know that this will be a big change for me, but I think it is the right one at this time.

(Special Thanks to Doc for the encouragement and support – I hope to learn something that will benefit you, if I don’t I will bring you some English muffins with smiley faces made out of jelly!)



9 thoughts on “Exciting Updates in the World of Souzapalooza”

  1. I’ve often thought about doing something with nutrition as a career…good for you for taking the time to think things through and then jump off that cliff and dare to try something new!!!

  2. Good luck on your next venture… It is a smart move, as money and health are the two big areas of concern in our world today…. Keep us posted! BTW, do you work at Papa Gino’s? 🙂

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