More Fabulous Sweedish Imports – Alexander Skarsgard

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I know we already spoke about Ikea this week, but today I would like to add another Swedish import to my list of favorite things… Alexander Skarsgard.

You may recognize the sexy Swede from Zoolander (he was one of Derek’s really really really ridiculously good-looking roommates who blew up after their trip for Orange Mocha Frappachinos), or as Lady Gaga’s boyfriend who once again met a tragic ending in the video for Paparazzi, but he is most well-known for the role of Eric Northman, the 1000 year old Viking, that has been captivating True Blood fans for the past three seasons. Now as we are entering the fourth season of True Blood, we are really seeing the depth of Mr Skarsgard’s acting abilities.

Spoiler Alert for those of you not up to date with your True Blood!:

This season the viking vampire has had his memory erased by a Harry Potter’s Aunt Petunia (well by Fiona Shaw who played Aunt Petunia in the Potter Films, but who is playing the character of Marnie on True Blood) As a result of Marnie’s spell, Eric is left scared and vulnerable, a drastic contrast to the arrogant and confidant sheriff of Louisiana’s Area 5 (Eric’s job) we all hate to love. This past Sunday, we finally see Sookie give in to the sexual tension that has been building over the past few season and kiss the “new” Eric. Of course, this is probably going to lead to trouble in the long run if you know anything about Sookie’s luck with men. But for now, I will spend my Sunday nights indulging in the sweet, child-like naivety that Alexander Skarsgrd brings to the “New Eric” and will wait in baited breath for the naughty “Old Eric” to be up to his tricks soon enough…. once they figure out how to reverse Aunt Petunia Marnie’s spell. Until then, I’ll just hope he keeps walking around Sookie’s house with out a shirt on!

Anyone else completely smitten with Alexander Skarsgard’s version of Eric Northman? 

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