Better Safe Than Sorry

I ordered myself a RoadID Bracelet – The Wrist ID Slim in Blue to be exact. If you are exercising alone and don’t have one, you may want to consider picking one up. basically, it is a little bracelet that you wear that has your name and important contact information in the event that something bad happens while training. Per the enclosed product information “RoadID saves crucial, life threatening minutes when you can’t speak for yourself”.

They have a few different options you can order; a Wrist ID, a Shoe ID, an Ankle ID, a Shoe Pouch ID, and a Dogtag-esque Necklace. There are also two ingraving options to choose from, the Original and the Inveractive. The original version offers 7 lines of text you can ingrate with your name, home town and 3-4 emergency contact numbers. The interactive version, which I ordered, allows you to use the serial number on your Road ID product to create an online Emergency Response Profile that is available to first responders 24-7 and is fully updateable on line if you need to change your contact info and/or medical information with out having to order a new ID. It is such a simple idea and modestly priced for something that can save your life.

In addition, the website also provides other safety merchandise for outdoor work outs such as reflective gear and security lights.

I strongly suggest everyone order one; better safe than sorry!! 

To go to the Road ID website click here

Photo Credit – “The Wrist ID Slim” from the Road ID Website


4 thoughts on “Better Safe Than Sorry”

  1. I’ve been seriously considering ordering one of these. When I go outside to work out, no one knows where I am or how long i plan to be out…this could truly be a lifesaver!! I think I’d get the same option you got…sounds like emergency personnel could get your info quicker that way.

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