My Blank Canvas – Another Completed Bucket List Item

Yesterday morning I decided to embrace my inner artist and let some creativity come out to play by embarking on another bucket list item, #46 – Get a copy of The Joy of Painting and try to paint some happy little trees!

I found out that The Best of The Joy Of Painting is on the Create Channel. You can find out what episodes are on and when by visiting their website. I set my DVR to capture the “Forest Edge” episode that aired at 6:30am last Tuesday. I also purchased an inexpensive acrylic paint set, a canvas, some brushes, and a mini easel (it was on sale) which I figured would work for my Bob Ross Adventure.

My Blank Canvas on the Mini Easel

Unfortunately, I did not realize that Bob works in oils. I only have acrylics. I also did not have the exact brushes that Bob had either, but I worked with what I had. I watched the episode in its entireitey and then I played it as I painted along with Bob. I kept rewinding parts to follow along (I’m sorry, I can’t make a masterpiece in 30 minutes like he can, mine took about 90).

So here is what Bob Ross’s “Forrest Edge” looked like (yes, I took a photo of my TV):

Here is what my “Forest Edge” looks like:

Working with the acrylics, I had a harder time with some of the effects that Bob was using, but I don’t think it was a bad first attempt.

What do you think? 

For anyone interested, I found this link to the episode of The Joy of Painting that I followed. If you do attempt it, please share your results. I’d love to see them! Forest Edge Episode


15 thoughts on “My Blank Canvas – Another Completed Bucket List Item”

    1. Thanks! It is so amazing how color can change the feel of something. By having a darker green than Bob, i got a much more ominous feel to my trees than he did… but I swear they were meant to be “happy little trees” like he makes!!

  1. We would love to paint “happy little trees” with you some day. Very impressive. Look at all you have time for when you are unemployed.

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