Expecto Patronum! (If I Had a Magic Wand)

Since the final installment of the Harry Potter films are hitting theaters this weekend, I thought I would let my inner Harry Potter geek loose on the blog today and tell you what Harry Potter spell I would like to conjure if I had my own magic wand from Olivander’s Wand Shop (Maker of Fine Wands Since 382 BC, located in Diagon Alley, London, England)

I’d really love to be able to perform the Patronus Charm. For those not familiar with the Harry Potter series or this particular spell, The Patronus spell (first appearing in the Prisoner of Azkaban) allows a witch or wizard to conjure a protective positive energy around them. The Patronus is usually in the form of an animal. Harry’s Patronus takes the form of a stag, Hermione’s is an otter, and Ron’s is a dog. Mine would probably be a turtle. In order to execute the spell, the conjure must connect with their feelings, recall one of their happiest memories, and say “Expecto Patronus!” (which is latin for “I await a protector”).

The Patronus Charm is one of he few spells that protects witches and wizards from Dementors, the immortal soulless creatures that feed on positive emotions, leaving only negative emotions which cause the victim to relive their worst memories. It is said that a dementor can suck out the soul of its victim leaving them an empty shell in a state worse than death.

I’d love to be able to conjure a positive shield around me when ever I am feeling overwhelmed, upset, or scared. The idea of having a protective shield of positive energy around me when ever I flicked my wand, makes me feel warm and comforted. Something I think we could all use. I think, if we were more open to embracing each other in positive feelings of joy, love, or happiness, rather than putting up walls when we are feeling bad, scared, or hurt, we might be all find a little more magic.

Photo Credit – by Bonham on Flickr


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