Don’t Go It Alone

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Yesterday afternoon I took a Zumba class with Doc. She is a teacher so she is on summer vacation and since I am unemployed, I guess I am too. She texted me early in the morning and asked if I wanted to meet her for a class. Since I had no pressing engagements, I agreed.

Here are some reasons why working out with a friend is better than working out alone:

1) Accountability – Your friend is expecting you to show up. You have a responsibility to stick to your word and meet your friend.

2) Adventure – When working out with a friend, there is a chance you can learn something new; a new exercise, how to use a machine you haven’t tried before, or (in Doc’s case) taking a new class.

3) Challenge – When working out with a friend, you can compete and push each other farther than you would normally push yourself.

4) Fun – It is more fun when you have a friend working out with you; it becomes more of a social event.

Doc and I worked up quite a sweat in our Zumba class and it was great for both of us. We both got out of the house, we made it to the gym, we got a great workout, and we got to spend time together!

What do you prefer? Working out solo or with a friend? 


3 thoughts on “Don’t Go It Alone”

  1. I’m one of those people who actually prefers to work out alone…it’s kind of my time to just be…not have to worry about if I’m slowing someone else down, or forcing them to go faster than they are comfortable with. I also like to be able to just notice things around me without having to comment on them…But there are definitely times when it’s better to be with someone else, and your Zumba class is one of them!! FUN!!!

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