Running Like (and For) a Girl

Run Souzapalooza Run!

The past week/weekend has been so incredibly busy for me. Unemployed, I have done more work in the past week than I have done in the past month. I am exhausted and really haven’t taken any time for myself with the exception of Saturday Morning when I participated in the 24th Annual Women’s Distance Festival 5K. I found out about the race from my class mate “Half Crazy” (She is really very sane, but that is her blogger handle).

Proceeds for the race benefitted the Rockland Family Shelter which is a privately operated organization dedicated to ending violence against women, children, and youth. The organization collected no longer used cell-phones for Verizon’s HopeLine program which takes the phones and provides them to domestic violence victims and survivors. So even though I ran the race for me, I’d like to think that I (and over 400 other women who participated) helped many others.

I was able to keep up with Half Crazy for most of the race and we managed to finish the 5K in about 34 minutes and 7 seconds which is a new record for me and a MAJOR improvement over my very first race in a monsoon in which I completed in 41 minutes. Acording to my Nike+ tracker, I had an average pace of 9 minutes 47 seconds which is quite the improvement over my usual, 12 minute average. I didn’t have any negative splits, but I was very close. Per the Nike tracker, my first mile was 9:37, the second was 9:38 (see very very close) and the third was in 10:04.

Not only did I have a good race, but Half Crazy gave me a good pep talk that was well needed. She reminded me that I deserve to take time to myself, that it is important to focus on taking care of me and my needs, and not to try to take on the world in one week. As I was running I realized, life is a marathon, not a 50 yard dash. If I just pace myself, I’ll be able to go the distance.

Me & 'Half Crazy' steps from the Finish Line

Photos taken by Joe Golden & Volunteers in Support of the Women’s Distance Festival and the Rockland Road Runners


5 thoughts on “Running Like (and For) a Girl”

  1. Congrats on the new PR, Christine!!! And what a worthy cause…awesome!! And I just saw the link to Cassie’s blog (backtoherroots)…I’ve been reading her blog for quite a while…we actually live in the same town!! Small world, huh?

    I hope you’re having a good start to the week and that you take the time to do something just for you…you deserve it!!

  2. Congratulations. You did a great job… I’m still looking around the neighborhood for you. 😉
    Again, I’m catching up on blog comments after another long 4 day yoga retreat in Boston… I got back Thursday night to over a thousand emails. Will begin a marathon commenting effort shortly! TY! 🙂

    1. I only got two runs in this week, and one was at the gym. It has been unbearably hot 😦 Hopefully I will “run” in to you this week! I am signing up for Yogaworks too so maybe you will see me somewhere in the neighborhood!

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