Souzapalooza’s Link Love for July 8th 2011

I had a lot of items in my reader to catch up on last night. Here are some of my favorites from this week:

How to Write a Great To-Do List (And You Need To) from Dumb Little Man‘s Ali Luke – Ali is brilliant in all her posts. In addition, this one really helped me since I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the great deal of nothing I have to do.

Creating Ideas! from – Tips on how to generate new ideas (some of these we have talked about here on the Souzapalooza blogs)

8 Ways to Stick To Your Health Goals by Jess at The Wellness Warrior – 8 great ideas of how to manage and stay on course with your health goals. I also love her Weekly Inspiration boards. You can check them out here.

Life As It Comes by John from The 100% You Blog – A “Simple Observation” post on taking life as it comes (Something I desperately need to work on!)

51 Things That Will Make You Smile by Lori Deschene at Tiny Buddha – because we all need to smile more!

The Restroom is Not in Aisle 17A by Run4Joy59 – This was both humorous and highly disturbing at the same time so I had to share it with everyone. Some people are very very odd!

Insipration: What If… by Mirth and Motivation – another great post from Elizabeth about attitude and grattitude

10 Life Lessons from a Reluctant Runner  Guest Post on Zen Habits by Brigitte Lyons of Unfettered Ink  – Great list of life lessons stemming from her love of running.

10 Cheap Date Ideas She’ll Actually Love from The Art of Manliness – Yes, I am a female, but I stumbled on this blog a few months ago and actually enjoy reading the male perspective on being a man. I thought this was a great list of fun dates so I wanted to make sure my male readers (the few of you that are still out there!) got this great the info.

6 Reasons Chord Overstreet Is A ‘Glee” Keeper by Jeanne Sager  of The Stir- I love Chord Overstreet‘s Sam “Trouty Mouth” Evan’s character as much as Ms. Sager. She outlines the benefits of Overstreet’s addition to the Glee Cast this year.


4 thoughts on “Souzapalooza’s Link Love for July 8th 2011”

  1. Thanks for the mention and for putting these together regularly….
    I’ll check out a few as they do all sound quite interesting. 🙂
    I’m still slowly but surely catching up on all the blog posts I missed on my last hiatus… I have another coming up so I’m trying to not fall behind again. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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