Easy Pick Me Ups

Yesterday I tried to figure out how to pick myself up from the one-two punch I got hit with the day prior. I tried a few things and am feeling a bit better so I am sharing a few
1) Sweat It Out – A little exercise to get you blood pumping is a great start. As Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”
2) Mani / Pedi Time – Although I think they are a requirement, a little color on your fingers and toes is always a nice thing
3) A Blow Out – I swear the world is a little bit better on a good hair day. If you aren’t due for a cut or color, why not just treat yourself to a nice blow out.

I got my hair colored and blown out... (Not a fab picture, the real thing looks great) so worth it!

4) Your Favorite Movie – Carve out two hours in your day to kick back with one of your favorite movies. One of my favorites to give me the warm fuzzy happy feeling is Love Actually. (It is also one of my holiday favorites as well! but you can watch it year round)
5) Rub A Dub Dub – A nice hot shower or a soak in the tub can both be rejuvenating and help put you in a better state of mind
6) Fun with Friends – A lot of friends called to check on me and offered to take me out and about if I needed a break. It is nice to have a friend to chat with to help cheer you up.
7) Sunshine – As John Denver sang long ago, “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” It should make everyone happy! Of Course the Beatles knew best when they announced “Here comes the sun, and I say its alright”

What kind of things do you do to pick yourself up after a bad day? 


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