Souzapalooza Presents : Links to Look Over

I was planning on posting this towards the end of the week so everyone could check out these great blogs over the long weekend, but I was unable to organize a post for today so I am sending some my link love a little ahead of schedule. There are some great things here, take a look:

The Beauty of Small Actions from The Freedom Experiment

Choice from Morning Coach

10 Mindfulness Rituals for Living a Gentle Life from The Rejuvenation Lounge

Shark Bite Watermelon from Cupcake Girl’s Baby Shower Creations (I want to have a party just to make this!)

When You Can’t Do Big Things, Do Little Ones from Time Management Ninja

Before you Bust A Move, Pick Up Your Psychic Telephone from White Hot Truth

For Crying Out Loud, Just Do Something from Merf in Progress

#212 When The Guy Who Borrowed Your Pen Actually Gives It Back from 1000 Awesome Things

Inspiration: A Nature Walk from Mirth and Motivation (I really love this one! If you are interested in knowing what I see when I run, check this out. This blogger is from the same area and takes amazing photos!)


3 thoughts on “Souzapalooza Presents : Links to Look Over”

  1. Sorry it took me a while to get back here… It’s been a hectic week and I’m now catching up with everyone. Thnak you for the shout out!
    Happy July 4th weekend to you!

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