Sales by Souzapalooza – My Selling Strategy

As I have mentioned a few times on my blog, I have fallen in love with my local bakery. It was a crush at first, but I’m confident in my relationship where I can say that I truly love it. Everything is organic and made from local produce so it tastes amazing. Of course, I am well aware that any time something from that little bake shop passes my lips I have to run a little faster and farther, but I think it is worth it.

Anyway, my infatuation has led to me working many a weekend at the farmer’s markets they participate in. This weekend, loaded with a large amount of inventory, I managed to sell out of everything I was armed with at both markets. The bakery owner was shocked an awed. How did I do it? Easily.Thankfully, I am working with a product that virtually sells it self. Who doesn’t like a tasty baked good? Plus, theses baked goods are not only a delight for taste buds but they are visual masterpieces as well.

How is it that I can go and sell out, and other’s can’t? I present to you the Souzapalooza Rules of Selling:

1) Smile – Even when I am at my highest stress level, trying to get product on to the table while I am sweating and answering questions that are coming at me in every direction, I try to stay positive and smile at everyone

2) Be Truthful – I always state the facts about the products I am selling. This is what it is, this is what it is made of, this is how much it costs. If you don’t know the answer, and you don’t have someone there to confirm an answer for you, tell the customer you don’t know. They will respect your integrity. If it is a matter of opinion, always retaliate with facts. For example, some one asked me which of our scones were better chocolate chunk or strawberry. My response?  Well to be honest, If you are having a hard time choosing between the two, I would pick strawberrry because it is a seasonal fruit as opposed to chocolate chunk which is a flavor we have year round. You can always get chocolate chunk another day; strawberry will be for a limited time during the summer.

3) Make it fun and engaging– Work doesn’t always have to be work. Create a fun experience for your consumer as well as your self. Ask them questions that relate to the product / use of the product that will get them interested. When people come by the table, I ask them what they are having for dinner and they pitch them one of our savory vegetable tarts as something quick and easy to have for dinner, and suggest a pie or galett as an add on item.

4) Believe in the product – One of the reasons it is so easy for me to sell these amazing baked goods is because I enjoy them myself. I know they taste good and are better than something you’d buy at the local store that has been sitting on a shelf for a few weeks. If you believe in what you are selling, it is a easy sale

5) Demonstrate it – If there is a way to demonstrate what you are selling, people will believe it for themselves. It is easy for me to break up a cookie for customers to taste. That sample can help entice the customer to buy. You know the sample is enjoyable, why not buy a package to take home?

Those are some of the things I do when I am trying to make a sale, does anyone have any strategies of their own? 


10 thoughts on “Sales by Souzapalooza – My Selling Strategy”

  1. Great selling strategies for any product!! Smiling and being honest are key to satisfied customers…well, and having a great product certainly helps..I know I’d stop and buy some of the baked goods if I happened to visit your local farmers market…yum!!

  2. Well you finally sold me and I went to Red Barn today and purchased a breakfast cookie. I must say it was delicious. It was huge and I shared it with a few people at work. They thought it was delicious, but we all were very concerned with the fat contents and the calories. So as a sales person can you please provide us with the exact calorie count and fat contents. I did ask the girl at the counter but she didn’t know she gave me an estimate. Thanks.

  3. I do not cook the cookies, I just sell them. I don’t know what goes on during the baking process but I do know that there aren’t magic elves in the back. I’m sure that the breakfast cookie has some calories to it simply because of it’s ingredients – Oatmeal, Coconut, Mango, Papaya, Almonds, Raisins, and Sunflower seeds. A lot of those items have natural fats and sugars, but they have a great deal of nutritional benefits. You can read more about the breakfast cookie here –

  4. Your five rules work well for all products… I’d add maintain your creativity, stay competitive and know your competition. 🙂 How do we get these products in the US?

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