The Great Shrek Debate – Why Prince Charming may not be “The One”

This post is dedicated to my dear friend LH, ever committed to finding a happily ever after.

How many times have you heard someone say that they are waiting for Prince Charming? I hear this all the time, from friends, on TV, I’ve even overheard it on the subway! Well I am happy to share with you that I am NOT waiting for Prince Charming, I am waiting for Shrek.

Now, I am sure that this is seems weird to you, and it seems weird to many I have talked to, but give me a chance to defend my stance and it will make more sense… (I’d like to tell readers now, if you have not seen all the Shrek films, there may be some spoilers here. You’ve been warned.)

So for those of you not familiar with the Shrek franchise, Shrek is an ogre living in a swamp. In the first Shrek movie, the law of the land, Lord Farquaad, relocates all fairytale creatures to Shrek’s swamp. In order to get his swamp back, Shrek makes a deal with Lord Farquaad.  Shrek must rescue Princess Fiona from a dragon’s keep, the Farquaad can marry her and become a king and Shrek can have his swamp back. In the course of saving the princess and taking her back to Lord Farquaad’s town of Duloc, Shrek and Princess Fiona end up becoming friends and ultimately falling in love.

In the second and third films, we learn that Prince Charming, son of Princess Fiona’s Fairy Godmother, was supposed to rescue Fiona from the dragon. Unfortunately for him, Shrek got there first. Charming is a little bitter over losing the opportunity to rule the kingdom of Far Far Away to an ogre. As the film series goes on, Shrek is able to find an heir for the kingdom of Far Far Away so he can Princess Fiona can go back to their simple lives living in the swamp.

In the 4th film, Shrek Forever After, Shrek makes a deal with the devious Rumpelstiltskin to trade one day from his past get one day of being a “mean terrible ogre” rather than the domestic dad he has become after marrying Princess Fiona and having ogre baby triplets. Of course sneaky Rumpelstiltskin picks the day that Shrek was born to trade. Turns out, because Shrek was never born, there was no one to “save” Fiona so she managed to “save” her self! Fiona doesn’t need Shrek, or Prince Charming for that matter, she turns in to a badass who can do it all by herself! In order for Shrek to get out of his deal with Rumpelstiltskin, he has to get a kiss from his true love, so he has to win Fiona’s heart all over again.

Most girls want Prince Charming to rescue them, So why, in god’s name am I waiting for Shrek?

Shrek and Me at the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in LA last summer

Shrek isn’t perfect He is flawed, and a bit surly at times. He is insecurity due to a lifetime of judgement from simply being an ogre. He makes mistakes and has a bit of social anxiety. However, at the end of the day, Shrek tries his best, apologizes for his mistakes and tries to learn from them. One of Fiona’s “flaws” in the first films is that she is cursed to become and ogre at sunset every night. She she finally gets “true love’s kiss” from Shrek, she becomes a full-time ogre. Fiona sees this as a negative, but Shrek loves her even more as an ogre. Like Shrek, I try my best, but I am flawed. I am willing to accept a patner who has some flaws, and hope that they will accept me and my flaws just the same, just like Shrek and Fiona.

Like Fiona realizes in Shrek Forever After, I don’t need someone to rescue me. Sure, I have my own issues, but I do not think that a “Prince Charming” is going to come along to make things better. Sure, he might add some happiness and possibly some excitement, but usually potential suitors come with their own set of issues. Let’s look at the Prince Charmings we have seen in the past

  • Fiona’s Prince Charming is a vain, selfish, mama’s boy
  • Snow White’s Prince Charming likes molesting girls when they are in a coma (or he might be a necrophile if he thought she was dead!)
  • Cinderella’s Prince Charming definitely needs to get glasses or maybe consider lasiks eye surgery cause is the man can’t remember what the girl looks like! He needs a SHOE to identify her! Is anyone here an eye doctor!
HELLO?!?!? Do any of these guys sound like a good match to  you?
Remember, there is a reason that “happily ever after” comes at the end of the story… it is the end. Don’t rush to run off with a Prince Charming. Enjoy getting to know a Shrek. There is a whole story that needs to be told before you reach the happily ever after, enjoy the ride!

5 thoughts on “The Great Shrek Debate – Why Prince Charming may not be “The One””

  1. Great post and a riot too… We are all flawed and Prince Charming is an illusion but many continue to search for him…
    I haven’t seen any of the Shrek movies so I will plan to watch at least the last one… LOL! 🙂

  2. Haha great post! I never got into the Shrek films but I am definitely all rose tinted when it comes to love and am waiting for not Prince charming but Mr Darcy 🙂 As you say no man is perfect like no woman is. I’d quite like to be treated like a princess though 🙂

    1. Totally with you on the princess idea! I really need to read Pride and Prejudice and get the scoop on Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy first hand. I need a book since I just finished the new Sookie book. Did you read it yet?

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