Souzapalooza and Samsonite – We Can Take It!

I have some exciting news dear readers!

Samsonite, industry leader and innovator in solutions for the sophisticated traveler, has a brand casual bag line being launched this summer. From what I have been told, the new line combines ergonomics and functionality, along with urban-inspired colors and designs, to provide an array of durable backpacks, slings and messenger bags.

Now why am I so excited about this?

Because, The Souzapalooza Blog will be one of the first to own one of these new, innovative backpacks as part of a contest. We’ll be testing out this new line to see if  “this bag can take it” as the Samsonite company claims. We will be making a video of the results from a few predetermined testing methods and sharing it all here on The Souzapalooza Blog. If our testing video is one of the first 25 submitted, we can win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. If our video receives the most likes on the Samsonite Facebook Page, we can win a $500 gift card!

How can you be part of the fun?

  1. Read The Souzapalooza Blog everyday (like you already do!)
  2. Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter –  @Souzapalooza79
  3. Friend Samsonite on Facebook
  4. Follow @Samsonite on Twitter
  5. Keep and eye out for #ThisBagCanTakeIt trending on Twitter

I’ll keep everyone in the loop as to when I receive the bags, tape the video, and when to vote on Facebook.


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