Why I Might Be a Super Hero – Just Another Blog Post from Your Friendly Neighborhood Souzapalooza!

I think I might be superhero…

In my fumbling along the internet I found this interactive tab on the Marvel.com website where you can build your own Superhero. It’s pretty cool, although I will say that the choices are limited for women in comparison to the guys choices, which I understand. It got me thinking about superheroes. They use to be ordinary people just like you and me, and then something happens to them that makes them special. The ones with moral compasses pointed in the general direction of good, usually end up helping people and saving their city (be it Gotham, Metropolis, or New York) from some major catastrophe or mentally unstable villain. They often sacrifice their own personal happiness for the greater good of the world. I am not a reader of comics, but I do watch the superhero films when they come to the big screen (or HBO of course). So I did a little research on Wikipedia and found a list of common traits all super heroes have.

Marvel's Create Your Own Super Hero - Souzapalooza

Ten Requirements for Being a Superhero (per Wikipedia):

1) Extraordinary powers, skills and/or equipment.

Armed with my handy mac probook (and spellcheck), I can blog a post in a single sitting and bring humor and positivity to a reader’s day. I can also run a 12 minute mile and I am a damn good sales person when it comes to pies and baked good.

2) A strong moral code

I believe in the golden rule – One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself; with kindness, compassion, and respect and most importantly, always do your best.

3) A Secret Identity

I do have a real name, but everyone knows me by my superhero alias of SOUZAPALOOZA!

4) A distinctive costume

Why do you think I have all those red shoes?

5) A supporting recurring characters, including the hero’s friends, co-workers and/or love interests, who may or may not know of the superhero’s secret identity

Many I have mentioned on here before but if you have forgotten here are just a few: Ka-Ka, LH, Jobin, D1, Zippy the Derby Girl, Danger Spouse, Jimmy Whispers. Of  course, I can’t forget my loyal sidekick, Cuff Turtle!  I’ll have to get her a cape…although, I think she might fit better in a role like that of Alfred the Butler in Batman since she doesn’t get around very quickly

6) A number of enemies

Actually, I don’t have many enemies right now except for the 15 lbs between me and my goal weight,  however, the Croc Lady’s ruthless attempts to board the train before me might cause her to fall in to the enemy category.

7) Independent Wealth

I’m working on this one. I haven’t managed to gain my independent wealth just yet, but hopefully lotto will pay out soon. But really there are a lot of working super heroes – Superman / Clark Kent is a reporter, Spiderman / Peter Parker is a photographer, Hulk / Dr Bruce Banner – Nucular Physicist.

8 ) Headquarters / Base Camp

Obviously I can’t tell you where this is, but I will say that unlike Cuff Turtle, it is not on my back.

9) Backstory

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world… (I’ll have to work on this one a bit too)

10) Weakness

Ice Cream & HBO Sunday night programing.

Do you think I have what it takes to be a Superhero?


5 thoughts on “Why I Might Be a Super Hero – Just Another Blog Post from Your Friendly Neighborhood Souzapalooza!”

  1. I just saw the newest X-men movie & was wondering why I don’t have superpowers, seeing as how I’ve been to Professor X’s house (based on Lyndhurst Castle). I figure I just haven’t discovered my mutation yet. Reading your post I realize I need to work on a costume. 🙂

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