Coupon Tips – My Sister’s Attempt at Extreme Couponing (with a Video)

Ka-Ka has started living on her own and now has to do her own food shopping. Thanks to the wonders of television, the idea of extreme couponing has now become an obsession of hers. She is not interested in stock piling toothpaste in the basement, but rather paying $0.02 for $100 worth of food.

So last week, she called me to see if I wanted to go food shopping and watch her attempt to save money (I think it was another attempt to be a featured topic on The Souzapalooza Blog). She made a shopping list and collected coupons on the items she needed. We made a little video about our Stop & Shop visit, including one of the better deals we had on Barilla Pasta and Sauce. Take a look :

Here are the register results of our attempt “extreme couponing”:
Ka-Ka (bought 31 items):

  • Total before Coupons: $67.28
  • Savings from Stop & Shop Card: $16.99
  • Personal Thanks discount: $0.50
  • Double Coupons: $0.35
  • Manufacture’s Coupons: $2.35
  • Ka-Ka’s Final Total (including tax): $47.56

Summary: Ka-Ka saved 30% of her original total, most of the savings coming from the use of her Stop & shop card (84%). 11% of her savings came from manufacture’s coupons. She was able to lower the average price per item by $0.64, from $2.17 to $1.59

Souzapalooza (bought 45 items):

  • Total before Coupons: $123.25
  • Savings from Stop & Shop Card: $26.93
  • Personal Thanks discount: $0.20
  • Double Coupons: $1.55
  • Manufacture’s Coupons: $7.55
  • Souzapalooza’s Final Total (including tax): $87.02

Summary: I saved 29% of my original total, most of the savings coming from the use of my Stop & shop card (74%). 21% of my savings came from manufacture’s coupons, 4% from double coupons. I was able to lower the average price per item by $0.77, from $2.74 to $1.97

Tips from Saving from the Souzapalooza Sisters:

  1. If you don’t already have one, get a store loyalty card! That is where you will save the most!
  2. Make a list (I was shopping with out one and ended up spending on things I didn’t necessarily need) plus, it saves you time.
  3. Bring ALL your coupons, not just the ones you plan on using. Some times there are items on sale that are not advertised in the circular that you might just have a coupon for.
  4. Understand your store’s double coupon program. Stop & Shop doubles coupons up to $0.99. Ka-Ka didn’t quite get that and was disappointed that more of her coupons were not doubled.
  5. Don’t be afraid to by the store brand. A lot of the time it is a better price for something that you probably wouldn’t notice a difference in any way!
  6. Check on-line for extra coupons. Sites like, Coupondad and Couponmom have printable coupons you can take to the store with you.
  7. Bring a calculator; or if you have one on your phone, use it. It is helpful for trying to figure out what the better buy is when comparing different sized items.
  8. If your store has a scan as you go option like ours, you should try it. You can monitor what you are spending and make sure that the prices are in agreement with those advertised.

Now get out there and start saving!!


8 thoughts on “Coupon Tips – My Sister’s Attempt at Extreme Couponing (with a Video)”

  1. I use coupons all the time…have never had the kind of results those folks on Extreme Couponing have tho. But I seriously doubt that they have those results all of the time either…seriously, if you’re buying a lot of produce or even meat, you’re not always going to have coupons for those things…but watching the sales, not being afraid to switch brands and always having your coupons with you can reap big savings!! And having, and following, a list is huge…that’s usually where I end up overspending…when I get things not on my list, just because it looks good! Now that I’m trying to eat healthier, it’s even more important to stick to my list…

    1. Yes the list is super helpful! And you are right, coupons don’t always help when you are buying produce or meat. For produce, try to stick to items when they are in season, that helps a lot!

  2. When I shared my first apartment, we used to cut out all the coupons in the papers to try to save as much as possible. Often I would buy things I didn’t really need or brands I wasn’t familiar with just because I had coupons…. I ended up saving money on one hand and wasting money on the other. A few lessons I finally learned are – 1. don’t buy what you don’t need (or don’t really like) just because you have a coupon or because it is on sale. 2. Don’t buy more than you will be able to use before the product expiration dates. (This one took me much longer to finally learn and I still have to check myself.) 3. If you live in a place that is small or has limited storage – you have to consider the cost (other than the price you paid for the items) for allocating that space to store products.

    I think many of these extreme couponers may have an addition to the high they get when they see the final receipt.

    1. Those are some really good tips as well! I agree, I did by a few things I normally wouldn’t buy (like the Barilla sauce) but it gave me the opportunity to try something new and now I know what it tastes like incase it goes on sale again.

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