Running Through My Mind

Photo Credit - Dierk Schaefer via Flickr

Cleanse your mind with the soap of concentration, and wash it with the water of meditation. ~ Remez Sasson –

I went for a run last night. It was a quick one, only 3 miles. On my run, I crossed paths with a friend coming from the opposite direction and didn’t even realize it till I was practically next to her. It wasn’t that I didn’t see her, because my eyes saw her, but my mind was somewhere else. As they say, I was “in the zone”; I was completely focused but not on my run.

The thing I have been noticing post runs lately is that while I am running, my mind is also running. My mind runs somewhere else, wandering about inside my head thinking about the things going on in my life. My job, my family, my friends, my blog, my to-do list. My running, which is supposed to be my task at hand, switches to autopilot and my mind frees up to think about these other things.

I’m not sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing. On the one hand, I should be paying attention to my running, to make sure I am pacing myself and remembering to breathe. On the other hand, running is giving my mind a chance to run too; like a physical meditation of sorts. The funny thing is, I run “better” (farther, faster, steadier) when my mind is elsewhere.

Does this happen to anyone else? Either running or with another activity? 


5 thoughts on “Running Through My Mind”

  1. When I was running last summer and fall, I often experienced the same thing…and I think allowing my mind to kind of run at its own pace helped me be happier and experience a certain level of serenity…keep moving, girl!

  2. I am not a runner – I was wondering where the “Shrek” blog is? Maybe I can be a guest contributor with you on it…ha ha

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