Happy Father’s Day from The Souzapalooza Blog

The Souzapalooza Blog would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. (Especially both of mine!)

My Dad is a self-proclaimed “dinosaur” who remembers when macaroni came in a wooden box. He recently retired and has decided to do what all old Italian men do, make wine and grow tomatoes. Of course, that would never keep him busy enough, so he has many side jobs. He is always working on something. Right now, he is renovating the kitchen at his house. My stepmom thinks the renovation is for her, but obviously it’s for him since he will need the space for making sauce with all the tomatoes! If you ever wander in to the small town where I grew up, I can guarantee you will run in to ‘Johnny S’ at one of the local establishments and he will thank you for coming in. If you don’t, just ask someone. He is the unofficial mayor; everyone knows him. I guess that is what happens when you live in the same small town for 58 years!

Me & My Dad Circa 1986 - Training to be on "Fishing with Orlando" (a fishing program my dad use to watch)
A more recent photo of us at my cousin's wedding (I took it myself...an yes, his handlebar moustache is the real deal!)

This is my stepdad. He is also retired and works as a personal trainer (pretty impressive for a man who is 68 years old!) He is probably the most patient man on the planet, which you would have to be to put up with the women in my family. He makes my mom happy and is good to my sister and I. We are all very fortunate to have him around!

Me & My Stepdad caught in the rain at Disney in 2004
Me, My Stepdad & Ka-Ka

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