Friday Follow-Up to New Month, New Moon, New You?

We are more than half way through June and I wanted to see how I have been doing with the goals I set for myself at the beginning on the month in my New Month, New Moon, New You? post.

Here were my goals:

  1. Stick to the plank challenge (I’m holding for 45 seconds today, how are you doing on the challenge?)
  2. Make sure I am running 3-4 days a week to keep up with 1/2 marathon training.
  3. Start brining my lunch to work again (because I have been slacking on that and my wallet has noticed).
  4. Listen to my meditation recordings.
  5. Start using my Groupons and other daily deals I have purchased to learn new skills (I have deals for poker, pottery, and knitting).
  6. Cross one thing off my bucket list.
  7. Accomplish some personal journaling.
  8. Loose 4 more pounds (I have hit a bit of a plateau and would like to kick my losses back in to gear)

Here is how I am shaping up:

  1. Plank Challenge – Not doing too great at this. Honestly, I forget 😦 The days I do remember, I have been holding for about 45 seconds, but I haven’t increased my time beyond that. 45 seconds has been challenging
  2. Running – PATHETIC!! 17 days in to the month and how many runs have I done? 5. The good thing is, the average length of those runs have been 3.51 miles, but still, I need to ramp this up ASAP. I am signed up for a 5K in 3 weeks so I need to step it up!
  3. Bringing lunch – I have only been in the office about 5 days this month with traveling and summer Fridays (I work from home Fridays) so this hasn’t really kicked in either. I did bring a few snacks though (fresh berries with a dollop of frozen cool whip… by post lunch snack time the cool whip has thawed making a great snack!)
  4. Meditation – I’ve done a few; it is a start.
  5. Groupons – working out times / dates with friends to get some of these locked in. It is a work in progress which should be done soon!
  6. Bucket List – I’m crossing something off this weekend!! You’ll find out what it is on monday!!
  7. Personal Journaling – I’ve actually have increased my journaling frequency which is positive.
  8. Weight – I’m down about 2lbs since the beginning of the month which is terrific!

How are all of you coming along with your June goals?


2 thoughts on “Friday Follow-Up to New Month, New Moon, New You?”

  1. Goals? Did we set goals at the beginning of this month? That’s how well I’m doing with mine!! Sounds like you’re running enough to get through your 5K…half marathon? yikes!! Great job with the writing!! I actually am managing to write every day, so that’s at least something!!

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