If You Visualize It, It Will Come

In addition to cleaning, redecorating my bathroom, and baking brownies this weekend, I finally got around to hanging my new and improved vision boards! I created them two weeks ago before my trip to see my nieces and nephew but hadn’t gotten around to hanging them up anywhere. I’ve mentioned my beloved cork board of inspiration in past posts about visual motivators. The thing I noticed about my board was, with the exception of a few key items like my Sex and the City quote and my 2007 Drew Barrymore transformation photo, most of the board was bare. It is time for some focus and inspiration! (Sorry Drew Barrymore, I love you, but I need to take you down for a bit)

I decided rather than doing one giant board with a whole lot of stuff that would get lost and muddled, I would create 4 focused boards that would correlate with 4 areas of my life that I want to focus on improving: work, love, health, and inner peace. Conveniently, Target sells a 4 pack of 12x12inch unframed cork boards which are easily mountable using the double-sided adhesive squares that come with them. I also picked up some neon poster board to glue my inspiring items to, rather than hasseling with a million pushpins. Knowing that I was going to work on a new vision board, I had already started to hoard clippings. Actually, when my magazine rack gets too full, I end up sitting in front of the TV (usually during my HBO Sunday night programming) and rip out all the interesting articles and recipes. Now I’ve added vision board items to my collection!

I sorted through my clippings to see which resonated with the 4 themes I was focused on. Some things didn’t fit at all this time around so I put them back in their folder for future projects. Some things resonated with more than one theme, so I picked the most fitting one, and if I didn’t use it for that theme, I would move it in to the pile for the next board. I made a concious effort to only use positive images and words. Nothing is crossed out or contains “NO” or “CAN’T”; even if the negative turned it in to something postive like “NO STRESS” I did not include it. It isn’t a vision board rule or anything, it was just something I wanted for my boards.

Here are the final results (sorry the photos aren’t as clear as I would like): 

Health / Body Image
Inner Peace / Relaxation

You can make a vision board for yourself. It is super easy!:

  1. Focus on a theme or specific goal you want to achieve by visualizing
  2. Get some magazine and cut out words, pictures, or images that you associate with that theme/goal
  3. On a piece of poster board (or even inside a picture frame) arrange you clippings in a visually pleasing way
  4. Hang your board somewhere you can see it every day to continually remind you to focus on your goals
  5. HAVE FUN!!
For more info on Vision Boards, check out this link.
Does anyone already have a vision board? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!
Photo Credit – Eye by purpleapple428 on Flickr
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