Bathroom Reboot – Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond
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I was going to save this for later in the week, but since I accidentally sent some of my subscribers a blank email with the title, I might as well post it now (cause I am sure you are all on the edge of you seats wondering what it is all about!)

As I have mentioned, my toilet wasn’t working for a while, which was very annoying, inconvenient, and stressful. Don’t worry, everything has been fixed and is flushing properly. I have resumed guzzling water non-stop from my Camelbak bottle. Right before this happened, I came across a blog posting on Home Health Spirit called Money Matters.  It was about Feng Shui and how it relates to money. Turns out, I have a bathroom located in the back left section of my home, which relates to “extra money”. So what do I do with a bathroom in a “wealth area”? According to the posting:

Make sure the lid is down and the door is kept shut. This is another metaphor for leaking or disappearing money. Bring in some purple towels and some expensive gold accessories. But don’t go overboard! The bathroom is not the place to over decorate. And don’t bring attention to the toilet!

Now I had no intention of actually acting on this, but it funny what the subconscious mind does some times…

So, I spent the past rainy, overcast weekend catching up on some sleep and doing a master cleaning of my apartment. When you are in the house cleaning for that long, you start to lose a bit of your big picture focus, so I decided to take a break. I headed to Bed Bath & Beyond to make good use of my 20% off coupon and finally buy a fan. Of course, after a trip to two different BB&B stores, they don’t have the fan I want (typical). I am however lured (once again I might add) by the display of Microdry Memory Foam bath mats. Has anyone seen these bath mats? More appropriately, has anyone touched them? They are so soft and squishy. I have been coveting them for a while now.

I start perusing the ‘bath’ portion of Bed Bath & Beyond and find towels are on sale for $9.99. One of the things that made me realize that I had actually lost weight, weren’t the numbers on the scale, or even my pants so much, but it was the way my towels wrapped around me. If you are larger/curvier, when you wrap your towel around you, the edge of your towel will not create a straight line down your body from the place you tuck it in, but it will make a diagonal line to compensate for the stretch across your more robust areas. Having a normal towel (not a bath sheet which measures 35×60 inches) wrap around you is a very big deal (and this isn’t just a Souzapalooza thing…check out Ms. Suazo’s Towel Test).  I found a set that had purple incorporated with some blue that matched the blue in my bathroom tiles. So I decided to get rid of my older, beat up towels and treat myself to a set of new towels. I bought 4 towels and one display hand towel. But why stop there? I found a shower curtain in the purple color that was on sale for $12.99 (marked down from $39.99!), and a new shower liner (because as much as I clean it, those things get nasty and for mine it was time to be replaced).  And YES, I treated myself with my 20% off coupon to the Microdry Memory Foam bath mat. Im so in love with it, I might go back and buy the contoured one to put in front of my sink so my feet can enjoy the pleasure while I brush my teeth, hair, and put on make up.

My toes enjoying my new Microdry Memory Foam Bath Mat!My New Towels
My New Towels
My New Purple Shower Curtain

I was feeling a little guilty about buying this stuff, but then I though to myself, I have lived in my apartment for almost 5 years. Most of the stuff I have is from the apartment I lived in for 3 years before, so I think upgrading a few everyday things to create a new vibe (and at a discounted price) is ok. I’m not sure if any of these purple items will feng shui extra money my way, but if anything, I have a happy feet when I get out of the shower!

Does anyone have any tips on Feng Shui or want to share any recent home improvements/decorating? I’m always looking for inspiration!


8 thoughts on “Bathroom Reboot – Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond”

  1. I don’t have much to add about the feng shui…okay, I don’t have anything to add about the feng shui, but I do like the new look of your bathroom…I think I’m going to have to head down to Bed, Bath and Beyond to check out the bath mat. My bathroom could use a little update too. I’ve lived here for about ten years and, other than buying some new towels (lavender…I wonder if that counts for the money thing?), I haven’t done any updating…might be time…and I’m so relieved that your toilet is now working…whew!!

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