Ka-Ka’s Dream Pet

My sister Ka-Ka has decided that she would like to get a pet; and not just any pet, she wants to catch and train a chipmunk. Why can’t she just get a hamster, gerbil, or guinea pig? Well that just wouldn’t be unique.

Curious chipmunk

Her plan is simple, she is going to lure a neighborhood chipmunk with crunchy cheetoes and put it in a cage to take to her home. She is going to have her boyfriend, the Handy Man, set up a system of tubing for the chimpmunk to frolic in, as well as a trap door within the tubing where the chipmunk can land in a pile of mini marshmallows which hopefully it will shove in its little chipmunk cheeks. She is also going to teach it to do its “chipmunk business” in a designated area. Of course the chipmunk would be allowed out to roam the apartment at designated supervised times but must sleep in its own cage and can not roam the apartment when she is sleeping. Ka-ka’s fear is that she will roll over on it in the middle of the night if it slept in her bed or step on it if/when she sleep walks. She also plans to install electric fencing in the yard around the house so the chipmunk can play the yard. Ideally it would be a one way electric fence so chipmunks can get in to the yard, but not out. Her chipmunk can lure other chipmunks in to domestication so everyone can have a chipmunk for a pet. Lindsay's Chipmunk Encounter - Flickr

For the record, she has no intention of starting a band with her chipmunk (like Alvin, Simon & Theodore). However she is hoping that Aunt Sweetie will make her squirrel a scarf and coat set, a smaller version of the ones she does for dogs at Butterflies-n-Dreams.blogspot.com


5 thoughts on “Ka-Ka’s Dream Pet”

  1. I have less than fond memories of chipmunks…or one chipmunk in particular. I was probably 12 years old when my cat caught a chipmunk… I thought I’d rescue the poor creature from the torture I was sure the cat would inflect upon it. When I picked it up (the chipmunk), it bit me, whereupon I let it go. It hightailed it for the woods where it was safe from cats and little girls. I, on the other hand, had to undergo rabies shots several days in a row…not a lot of fun! Hopefully your sister will have better chipmunk luck than I did!

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