Why Are We Fascinated With Celebrities?

Yesterday, The Souzapalooza Blog had a very big day. My little blog, that usually averages about 50 visitors a week, hit an all time high of 286 hits yesterday! Most of them generated from two blog posts, Spotting Celebrities at Stone Barns – Natalie Portman and Glee Live in Boston – Recap. My post on spotting Natalie Portman at Stone Barns was actually reposted by an administrator on NataliePortman.com, which has been driving traffic to my site the past couple of days. In addition, my Glee Live recap has been coming up in tons of searches most likely due to the event just happening and that it is a big tour this summer. Looking through the stats on some of my other blog postings, the more popular ones tend to be those that have to do with pop culture items and celebrities.

What is it about celebrities that intrigues us? Why are we always wanting to know more? Is it their talent? Their money? Their fame? Why do we choose to listen to their views and opinions? Why do we buy their perfumes, sneakers, clothing lines, or what ever hair color, bone density pills or other random products that they may be endorsing that week?

I bought Rob Lowe’s memoir Stories I Only Tell My Friends last month, and why? He is a good-looking successful actor who I was interested in knowing more about because I enjoy his work and admire his sobriety. In reading his book, the thing I really enjoyed is how matter of fact he was in his writing. He weaves tales of growing up in California, and mentions some of the friends that he made along the way; the fact that they were incredibly talented actors (Sean Penn, Chris Penn, Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Janet Jackson, Sarah Jessica Parker, ect) is just a side note. It isn’t who they are, just what they happened to do.

At the end of the day, they are just people. No better than each of us. They may seem like a ‘big deal’ but remember, you have your own unique awesomeness and you should let it shine brightly!


3 thoughts on “Why Are We Fascinated With Celebrities?”

  1. It is something to think about, isn’t it? I think there are some celebrities I’d be excited to meet and others I’d be like, “yeah, whatever…” But we still want to read about them…maybe in part to see how the rich and famous live, how their lives compare to ours (favorably or unfavorably), but yeah, probably we are kind of nosey!! And a big congrats on the extra traffic…it’s always exciting when that happens…my blog with the highest number of hits was the one about some crazy chick using the sink in our breakroom (at work) as a toilet because she couldn’t find the restroom…the weird and wacky!!

  2. They are so much luckier than the rest of us have-nots, maybe? Everybody wants to know what it’s like to have their advantages for a day.

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