Spotting Celebrities at Stone Barns – Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman at the premiere gala for Love ...
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This past Saturday I worked for Red Barn Bakery at the Stone Barns‘ Farmer’s Market. Stone Barns is usually full of people from the tri-state area, who come to the farm to explore the grounds, learn about the programs offered, take photographs of the property and its “residents” (aka the animals who live there), and there are even some people who run the trails.

Working the farmer’s market is always interesting since there are always so many different people who are looking for different types of stuff. Some people are looking for a treat after having lunch at Blue Hill, some are looking for a savory tart to bring home for dinner or a gallet to bring home for dessert, some are looking for something to reenergize them after a run, and some are looking for something to take visiting. Most of my job is to givie passers-by a rundown of what we have, explaining ingredients, and answering question. It is usually pretty busy, and can be a bit overwhelming since I am pretty much running a one woman show. This weekend was no exception. Customers were swarming the table before I could get most of the products out.

The booths finally got a lull around 2:30 when I was able to take a breath. I noticed this nice looking couple walking the courtyard in front of the market area. They caught my eye because it was obvious that the young woman was very, very pregnant. They made their way over to the Red Barn table. The gentleman of this couple started asking me about the various cookies that I had for sale and began debating with his lady friend over the choices. I was looking at her while they were talking, I couldn’t help but think to myself, Wow, she is a really pretty girl. As I started really looking at her, I thought to myself, she looks a lot like Natalie Portman. As she lifted her sunglasses to look at something, I took a good look at her, and I realized – Holy Crap it IS Natalie Portman!!! As I continued my banter with who I then realized was Benjamin Millepied, she interrupted him to remind him they were going to a dinner party that evening and should bring something for dessert. They decided on a large blueberry gallet, some molasses cookies to snack on right then, and they were on their way.

I have to say, she is a very pretty woman. The way she looks on-screen is exactly the was she looks in real life. I doubt there is much airbrushed need on her pictures. I was going to ask if she was who she was, but her companion subtley let me know that my instincts were correct, but I shouldn’t say anything. He is very good-looking as well, and has a sexy french accent. She is probably going to give birth pretty soon (my money is on the next two weeks) and I am sure they are going to make very beautiful, smart, talented, multi-lingual babies. I wonder if they will get married at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, it is supposed to be a beautiful place to get maried.

Have any of you had any recent celebrity sitings?  


6 thoughts on “Spotting Celebrities at Stone Barns – Natalie Portman”

  1. very cool…nah, no celebrity sightings for me lately…altho, years ago I was in Nashville IN with friends, eating in one of the little restaurants there, when in comes Donny Osmond! Obviously, that’s been quite a few years ago…lol

  2. I saw Jesse Eisenberg (starred in The Social Network) filming an indie movie in Tarrytown last week. They were shooting a scene on Main St. near the old entrance to the Y. I walked right by him where he was sitting in the shade and thought, “Who is he?” Then it hit me!

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