13 Things I Love… At Least This Week

Yesterday on Twitter, #13thingsIlove was one of the trending topics. So since it is Friday and no one really wants to do work on Friday (especially in the summer) here is a list of 13 things I love. Happy Friday!

  1. Indoor Plumbing – My toilet has not been working properly since last Friday and was finally fixed last night. It has been incredibly stressful and a nightmare on my body. I no longer take my toilet, my sinks, or my shower for granted
  2. Sunshine – Even though it has been ungodly humid a few days this week, it has been wonderfully sunny. I love a sunny day, it makes me optimistic. Enjoy the Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti & Spearhead…(LH & I met him when they were on tour with Counting Crows, he is so nice!)
  3. Red Shoes – Yes, I ordered another pair of red shoes but, in my defense, they are to replace the ones that are now worn out, so it isn’t excessive (or at least I am telling myself that)
  4. Summer Dresses – All winter I am bundled up in sweaters and jeans, it is so nice to break out a summer dress and feel girly
  5. Pedicures – You read a few weeks back that I consider pedicures a requirement to keep my feet healthy, and soaking my little piggies in the nice warm water after a week of being abused by my strappy sandals and running sneakers.
  6. Summer Reading – I am finally starting Charlaine Harris‘s new Sookie Steakhouse book, which I hope to finish before the new season of True Blood starts and it will give me something to cross of my bucket list. Also, today my local library is having a book sale which I intend to take full advantage of!
  7. True Blood Season 4 – Since I just mentioned the book, I’ll mention the TV show as well. Super excited for this season. If it is remotely close to the books (which it looks like it is) we are going to be seeing a lot of Eric this season….oh so sexy Eric. If you don’t watch, here is a promo of season 4
  8. Berries – I love that fresh berries are coming in to season. Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Snozberries…. (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  9. Street Fairs, Festivals, & Farmers Markets – I love street festivals and fairs. There are always interesting items for sale and interesting people to see. I am sure the Croc Lady takes advantage of all the local street fairs. Farmers Markets are the same way, you never know what you will find week to week.
  10. Summer Movie Season – Hangover  2, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Cowboys and Aliens, The Muppets, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2, Captain America, Crazy Stupid Love….The list can go on an on
  11. Mister Softee – I found the Mister Softee by my office. I haven’t gone yet, but it is nice to know I have the option if i get the urge for some creamy delights in the middle of a long work day. For the record – LH will only allow me to go to the “real” Mister Softee Truck that says Mister Softee on it and not the imposters – one day we walked 12 blocks out-of-the-way for the real deal.
  12. Bar-B-Que / Grilling Who doesn’t love something from the grill? Even if you are a vegetarian, you can still enjoy many tasty grilled treats. You can grill veggies like corn and zucchini and fruits like pineapple and peaches. Delish!
  13. Support – To all the people who have told me what a good job I have been doing with my blogs either via comments, Facebook posts, tweets, or personal emails. I am truly touched by all the continual support and thank each of your for continuing to come back to see what’s going on. (Not in an attempt to solicit any more, but if you have any questions, feedback, or things you want to see more/know more about, feel free to contact me through any of the ways listed below – check the right hand side of the page for more info)

6 thoughts on “13 Things I Love… At Least This Week”

    1. You did it the right way! I got hooked on the show and couldn’t wait to see what happened next so I ended up reading all the books. Alan Ball does a great job adding his own twists and turns to Harris’ original story lines, and it is the only time of the week I get to see half naked men with rock had abs! 😉

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