Spend Hundreds of Dollars on 100 Calorie Packs or Just Do It Yourself?

A Cheez-It cracker, shown near actual size on ...
Cheez - It! Image via Wikipedia

I was at the market the other day about to throw two boxes of 100 calorie packs in to my cart, when I had a realization….

I am spending too much money on portioned snacks!

Ok It wasn’t a huge realization, like Doc Brown inventing the Flex Capacitor, but really I must spend $20 a month on pre-packaged snacks. Great Scott! And why do I do this? Because Nabisco and Keebler have made it easy and convenient for me to give them $5 and they will provide two boxes of portioned snacks (because I will only buy them when they are on sale, usually 2/$5 or 2/$6). A regular sized box is usually less money for more product.

I’m all for the 100 calorie pack. I think it is a great way to help people manage their food intake, they are a great snack for lunch boxes or a small post dinner treat, and they are super convenient. The thing that put a bee in my bonnet this times is they cost so darn much, for something I could easily do myself. So I decided that this week, I will be eating “Souzapalooza 100 Calorie Snack Packs”.

I grabbed a box of snack size baggies in my pantry and I purchased a family sized box of Cheez-its (a favorite snack loved by all Souzapaloozas, especially my dad, and far superior to that of the Cheese Nip) and I started making my own snack bags. Per the Cheez-it box I purchased,  27 Cheez-its are a serving  and contains 150 calories, so for a 100 calorie serving I need 20 Cheez-its. I washed my hands, poured the Cheez-its on a plate and began rationing them out in to piles of 20 to be bagged and put in to my snack bowl to consumption at a later date. It was a mindless task I could accomplish while I sat on the couch watching a rerun of Family Guy, and will save me time, money, and calories in the long run.

What do you think about home-made 100 calorie packs? Too much work or worth the savings?


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