Making Room for Something New

“Let go of old ways of thinking. Joyfully embrace the new. Good things flow easily.” – Robin Pickens (from my Seize the Day desk calendar for 2011)

When I was visiting D1 a few weeks ago there was a book sale going on. I was looking through the books, and randomly grabbed a thin brightly colored booked called “Open Your Mind to Receive” by Catherine Ponder. With the exception of its neon green color, there is nothing flashy of exceptional about this book from 1983, but for some reason, I had to have it. Usually, when I browse the book store with out agenda, it is a long ordeal of me flipping though pages and reading  jacket liners so my impulse purchase was quite unusual.

Turns out, the book is all about prosperity and abundance, two things most people can always learn more about, especially me. I have been reading the book off and on for the past week, when I haven’t been inexplicably tired and desperate for a nap on my way home from work. It is a very easy read, full of stories of people who changed their thinking to become prosperous. It is chock full of the basic ideas that many spiritual/self exploration books have – reap what you sow. If you think positively, you will receive a limitless amount of positive energy in the forms of love, opportunity, money, ect.  I find it both amusing and sad that such a basic concept as positive thinking, is so difficult for so many of us.

One thing I did find interesting in my reading was what the author calls “The Gift of Release” (a nice way of saying Let it go, Souzapalooza! ) Ms. Ponder writes: “The act of release helps you to become an open receptive channel through which the intelligence of the universe can flow to you and cleanse your life of worn-out relationships and conditions and make way for your new, expanded good.”

I never thought of releasing in that way.  I thought more about it, and this is what I realized.

  • By releasing negative thoughts and worries, I can make room to appreciate the positive things in my life
  • By releasing negative habits like zoning out in front of the TV, I can make room for healthy habits like running
  • By releasing worn out relationships and toxic people, I can make room for new friends and relationships
  • By releasing fears and insecurities, I can make room for new adventures and opportunities
  • By releasing the old clothes that are too big for me, I can make room for new stuff that shows of my shrinking figure! (Ok, well maybe this one is a stretch, but it is still positive!)

Don’t worry about releasing the wrong thing, your subconscious knows what needs to be released and usually knows what’s been bothering you the most. Don’t be afraid, because “the elimination of something from your life is always an indication that something better is on the way!”

Here’s hoping the dog days are over…


3 thoughts on “Making Room for Something New”

  1. This really resonates with me today as I’m contemplating making some major changes in my life…new job, new city…I’m not a person who easily embraces change, so this is huge for me!! Releasing fear of the unknown and opening myself to new adventures in life!

  2. This is a great blog. It took me to long to figure this out. I just now have let go of relationships that just brought me down and at the time didn’t realize it. Let go of the negative people in your life and surround yourself with positive. You will see your life will turn around in so many ways that you never imagined. The other blog you should do is on one simple word “NO”. So many of us don’t know how to say “NO” to someone. It’s a very little word but so difficult for so many people to say. It has taken me a long time but I think I have finally learned the word “NO”. I still struggle with it at times but I’m almost there without the quilt.

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