Sweet or Salty? Decisions Decisions

Last night I finally caved in…

After months of going to the Red Barn Bakery and seeing their Flourless Chocolate Cake sitting on the counter, I finally gave in and took a small piece home after a long weekend at the farmer’s market. So when I settled down on the couch to watch my HBO Sunday night programming (only super gory yet engaging Game of Thrones, I’m just not in to Treme) and AMC’s The Killing which I am totally hooked on, I realized all my instincts to fight this cake had been right. One small forkful of this decadent treat and I am now hooked.

For me, a sweet treat is always my down fall. Chocolate, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, pie; you name it, I love it. I’m not sure what about the sweet treat draws me in, the sugar high perhaps? I’m not one to pass up a salty soft pretzel at a ball game, the tortilla chips you get before dinner at a Mexican restaurant, or the opportunity to steal salt & vinegar potato chips from my sister. Even thinking of those tasty salty treats is starting to drive my salivating glands in to high gear. However, given a choice between a bag of chips or a bag of cookies, I’d always choose the cookies.

Sweet or Salty? What treat makes you cave it? 


2 thoughts on “Sweet or Salty? Decisions Decisions”

  1. I mostly crave sweet – like you I love chocolate and cakes especially cupcakes and doughnuts. If I’m watching a film I usually eat hand cooked crisps and once I start I can’t stop 🙂

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