Happy Feet – Luxury or Requirement?

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I am seeing more and more sandals and open toed shoes making their way out of closets and on to the sidewalks; which means toes are out in the open. Now, I believe a pedicure, on a regular basis, is a requirement. However many feel that getting a pedicure is a waste of money and a complete luxury.

Here is how I see it, even though I have a desk job, I spend a lot of time on my feet; especially now that I have been running more and more. I want to make sure that my feet are happy and healthy so I can keep doing what I need to. I feel by going to the nail salon to get a pedicure, my feet have 30-45 minutes of undivided attention, a small reprieve from all the work they do by carrying me here, there and everywhere. At the salon, they are soaked, scrubbed, pumiced, trimmed, massaged, moisturized, and painted better than I could ever do myself.

I know there are women that do this all themselves, and to these ladies I tip my hat and say, Congrats! More power to you! Unfortunately, I am not one of those girls. When I was heavier, it was hard for me to bend in to a position where I could comfortably pamper my feet. Even now that I have lost weight, it can be challenging. So, I pay people to do it and they do it well. I don’t go weekly; in fact I have been trying to extend my pedicures by bring my own polish so I can do touch ups on chips to make my pedicures last longer. I tend to go once a month in the winter months, and bi-weekly or tri-weekly in the summer. I think pedicure time is a requirement to keep my feet in healthy and happy.

What do you think? Is getting a pedicure a luxury or a requirement?

Photo Credit – Nubby Tongue on Flickr


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