Friday, Friday, Friday!

I am super excited, I am going to visit D1 tonight!

D1 with an ocean view cocktail

D1 lives about an 90 minutes away from me so I don’t get to see her as often as some of my other friends. It is always a treat when I go on a weekend getaway to visit her.  She is a good friend, always listen to me, and gives me lots of practical advice and positive feedback. She’s always been super supportive in my quest to live a healthier life style, and was proud of me for hitting the gym early in the morning when we went to beer fest last month.

D1 lives close to the beach, so when the weather is nice we can take advantage. Even when the weather not as great, you can still walk along the boardwalk and browse the beach front shops or visit the nearby outlets. This weekend, a near by town nearby is holding a ‘Women’s Weekend’ that we are going to check out. They have lots of events like yoga, guided mediations, life coaching, chair massages, drawing classes, and even afternoon tea. Maybe some of these things, along with the fresh ocean air and 24 hours with my good friend might yank me out of my funk.

The boardwalk by D1's house

Sunday morning, I am attempting my first race, a 5K for Mental Health. It is actually a Run/Walk race so my sister is being very supportive and doing it with me. (I’m doing the running, she’s doing the walking). Sadly it is supposed to rain, but I am praying real hard that it won’t start until after we are done.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it next week!


3 thoughts on “Friday, Friday, Friday!”

  1. WOW! thanks for saying all those wonderful things about me, who paid you to do that??? jk. I really hope you enjoyed our weekend together as much as I did. I was wondeful to spend “good/healthy” quality time togehter. I will def come up and visit you after I move and settle in. Please know that you have an OPEN invitation to the jersey shore for whenever you want to escape for a day, a night, a weekend, or a week. Love you! (I am still laughing about the “space princess”!!!!)

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