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Once again I have an assignment from BzzAgent. This time, rather than testing a consumer good, I tested out a new website ““.This is actually a really cool site if you are interested in social media. gives users a place to collect all their accounts for others to see. I have a friend who already uses so I was vaguely familiar with the website but of course, I like to test things out for myself.

I created an account the other day. It was fun. I was allowed to customize my backgrounds, fonts, and what I wanted the public to know about me. I connected my Twitter, WordPress and (my newly created) Formspring accounts to my profile. I did not import my Facebook page yet, since I would like to use The Souzapalooza Blog page and not my personal page and I need 9 more fans before I can have a custom url. *hint hint*  – if you haven’t yet, please fan The Souzapalooza Blog on Facebook using the button on the right hand side of the page and suggest it to your friends as well!

Setting up the profile on was very easy to do, with the exception of deciding which fonts and colors I wanted. It was also great to find out about some cool sites I was not familiar with that can be ported in to I hadn’t heard of daily booth or posterous before this. I am testing a few things to see if I am interested in incorporating them in to my social media plan.

Some really awesome features that has that, if you are geek like me, you will love, are the stats. It will tell you what kind of traffic your profile has gotten as well as your social reach which I thought was really cool.

If you need incentive beyond my review or my profile which you can see by clicking here (or the link in the “Thanks from Souzapalooza” box), they are currently running a promotion with If you sign up for an profile, you can receive a free pack of customized business cards from MOO; a great deal and a way to promote yourself in the real world and not just the virtual one!

If you set up an account, let me know how you like it and what your thoughts are about the site. I am interested in hearing feedback on it.


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